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Localize the Confluence space in Memsource.

Memsource's powerful translation support capabilities make global development of documents faster and more efficient.


Connect Seamlessly with Memsource

The Memsource connector is an add-on that can translate Confluence's space using Memsource. This add-on offers a wide range of features that seamlessly connect Confluence and Memsource, enabling rapid globalization of documents.

Excellent Multi-lingual Management

The Memsource Connector supports more than 70 languages. The original language can be translated to multiple target languages.  In addition, it is possible to translate the target language as an original language in multiple languages.

Translation Assets Management

Space translated by Memsource is stored as a database of sentences into the translation memory, and once translated, the translation memory automatically quotes the translations and re-uses the translation assets. It is possible to translate similar documents and revise more efficiently.

More details

Knowledge on Demand Inc. and Honyaku Center Inc have co-developed Memsource Connector for Confluence.
Memsource Connector can make multilingual documents in Confluence faster, more efficient, and improve the globalization of companies.

Memsource Connector Features:

  • Create a new project for Memsource from confluence.
  • Automatically create target language as new space after translation is completed in Memsource.
  • Confluence space or page-wise translation.
  • Check the status of translation in Memsource at confluence at all times.

Memsource Connector for Confluence requires Memsource Ultimate license.

Users who already own the Memsource Ultimate license:

  • Set the Memsource API token in the "Settings" section of "Translation Management".

Users who do not own the Memsource Ultimate license:

  • Purchase Memsource Ultimate License.
    * Memsource Ultimate License has a 30-day free period
  • Memsource Ultimate will normally be purchased from 5 licenses, but Memsource Connector for Confluence users can purchase from 1 license.
  • After purchasing an add-on, you can apply from “Universal Plugin Manager”.

Memsource and Memsource Cloud are registered trademarks of Memsource A.S.
For the use of Memsource, it is assumed that you agree to Memsource terms of service.

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